Thursday, March 24, 2005

India's brains,drains and much more..

The cooker was steaming with full fury.With the entrance exams around the corner,my cousin was grappling with textbooks,Indo-Pak cricket matches,Pooja Bedi's atrocious attire on Zoom TV and of course,our own superstar's new get-up for "Chandramukhi".I found it funny.Even I'd been through something similar sometime back.Coming to think of it,it seemed funny.You had your own tagets for your exams,then the parental and peer pressure!Whoa!That's quite a lot!It was sheer fun watching him read two lines,then bat an eyelid,look up the score on TV,change channel(to channel 71,in particular),and see who Ms.Bedi was dating on air,then watch our superstar give insights into how innovative "Chandramukhi" is and how he was inspired from the Gita,to fight it out again,after "Baba",which was a disaster.
He then heard a shrill sound,which sharp in nature too,more of a cry,which loudly announced that there was no way that an enginnering seat other than ones in the premier institutes would be accepted."You can run a road-side tea-shop after your school days,my boy",my aunt remarked,observing the way my cousin was stretching and ywaning after a strenuous session which spanned 10 minutes with the textbook!It was nice,watching all the action from a distance,recollecting old memories.(LOL!)
With the middle-class citizen being so ambitious,at least as regards academic achievements,the onus is always on the students in the family,facing their 12th grade exams.No outdoor events are planned,ceremonies and functions are skipped,and more time is spent on assessing the numbers on a rectangular piece of card-board(also called a report card),rather than on numbers in the salary slips.
Not before long,"brain drain"was a major issue!Nowadays it is not heard of much,though we seem to be the only country where students aspire to study in exotic locales like Netherlands,Switzerland,and the more regular US,UK,Australia.While from once angle you can call it as "brain drain",look at it from the other angle too.It is a nice development actually.With so many youngsters going places(quite literally at that!),our country's image is indeed boosted.While it is easy to say that people are being mean and doing dis-service to their alma-meter,it must be noted that it is definitely not a bad idea to study abroad and settle down there,from an individual point of view.In fact,someone with a very technical background is expected to(amongs his friends and family circle atleast!) go abroad and do his/her master's which can fetch a well-paid job and catapult him/her to a certain "foregin guy/girl" hall-of-fame!Well,so to speak,it has even become a necessity,with brides and grooms looking for US/UK fellas as potential spouses.
What this has ultimately resulted in,is what we see around us.Our country is not clean on anyday,there is no literacy in village areas,there are problems aplenty like unemployment and water scarcity.Well,with government and local colleges allocating seats to students more on "quota" basis,the meritorious and hi-fliers are bound to seek greener pastures abroad!There's anarchy in politics,and the way the government functions.The country's policies,state resources and funds are managed by severly ill-qualified people,and this can only change if some young turks can be benevolent enough,and turn down foregin offers and stay here to change India.With the kind of people I see around me,I feel it will happen sooner than later!
Go for it folks!!
And do look out for Chandramukhi!It should be simpy superb!!


  • At 12:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    machan it was interesting to go thru ur blog and personally i feel this brain drain happens atleast in the middleclass orthodox brahmin families as far as i know and there is nothing wrong in it..and...dont worry rajini will kick ass in "chandramukhi".....

  • At 1:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi..thalai will be back da!and ya..this thingie is common in most homes!

  • At 2:44 AM, Blogger Sash said…

    Dude, can relate to ur line of thinking abt "brain-drain" as such. One needs to think of oneself and one's family while making decisions abt, hmmm say going abroad 2 study or work.Afterall, WE are the core of the country,right???.
    and keep posting on the blog. It makes interestin readin!!

  • At 9:50 AM, Blogger Vitalstatistix said…

    voila ! u have taken to blogging too. welcome. its become the norm for some cricket series to be going on during board exams. i think there was one during our exams too. well abt 'chandramukhi' u can never say. infact a might load of crap though 'baba' was, i never thought a rajini movie would flop. lets wait and watch and see if the watch has been worth the wait.

  • At 2:06 AM, Anonymous Aja said…

    Ok da shyam.You have at last joined the bloggers club but make sure you keep posting stuff often.


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