Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Of kings of romance and party-goers!

Hooray!!feels good to be blogging..but have often wondered whether it was that i am actually on my way,i guess it should be fun!Have been to other blogs too,and it is so surprising that you find so many people write so well!It is a nice experience reading other blogs,and was not sure of the same feeling replicating while writing one myself,but I hope it should feel good too.
Onto the topic for the day..though I am not quite a film buff,I have to admit,it was a good feeling watching those films of yesteryear,with those superb songs,mellifluous voices of playback singers,et al.
In this context,it is a necessity to talk about those old Tamil movies,featuring the great trio-Gemini Ganesan(the "King of romance"-as he was popularly called),Sivaji Ganesan(not related tot each other!) and the mass hero M.G.Ramachandran.While I personally did not initiate the idea of watching black and white movies in my younger days,my parents certainly did,and they had they say!Iwas forced to watch B&W movies on those days when I'd have rather watched Kamal Haasan kiss Revathi,or our Aamir Khan ask Rani,"Hey,kya bolti tu?"!
Well,those movies are boring..or so I thought.It might not be a good idea talking about the story lines of those movies,but definitely,what was startling,is that,I actually found out what "acting" was!When these yester-year actors "acted",they did,they did not shake a leg unnecessarily before hte camera!And,what was more startling,was that,the actors today,seemed to have a different view of "acting".There were more emotions,and that "sense of value" in those story lines,definitely.No wonder,Amitabh,Dev Anand,Dharamji,Hema Malini,Rekha,are all regarded very highly by critics and fans alike.
The trend is different nowadays.Even before one steps before the camera,he has a claim-to-fame,and most of the time,it is notorious in nature,I must add.Speaking of Rekha,the connection here is obvious.She is the diva of Bollywood,and more importantly,the daughter of the hero of my first blog.Sadly,she was reportedly not present during his cremation,an issue which is definitely hitting you in the face,because,it is the moral right of a daughter/son in n orthodox Iyer family,to be present during his/her father's last rites.
What maybe the reason behind this,we might never know,but it does seem very odd,considering our man had seven daughters and a son to put his name as their surnames(Ha,he is the undisputed king of romance,isn't he?),and innumerous wives(no fun or pun's a fact!).
When our diva can show up at parties in Mumbai,flaunt her Kancheepuram saris,Nakshatra jewellery and give a peck on the cheek to young and old Bollywood stars alike,it is definitely disheartening to note that she has not regarded her father's last rites an important enough ceremony.Where Rekha is today,it is partly due to her father too,without denial).Why I am talking about this issue in particular is that,come what may,it is not a good idea to forget our roots.We must remember the hard times,and cherish the nice moments as well!(Ha! that much for a thought and a message here.)
Our country's youth are caught between pubbing at nights and cooking up stories at home for coming late!This must change!Am not here to reform!But,this ain't bbad for starters!
Cheers fellas!(For those pub-hoppers,cook up believable tales at home!!)


  • At 2:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi.. Am reminded of the golden old movies having read ur post. Thanks for taking me through that journey.. Infact, Gemini was one of those handful of graduates in his times, and that too in filmdom !.. Aslo, he was a good cricketer.. Hoping to see more from you on the blog.. .............. Kar

  • At 6:16 AM, Blogger voila said…

    hi..thanks da kar..


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