Friday, April 01, 2005

what do i write?

I have been kinda occupied this weeek,and hence,that has shown on the number of posts till now.Just one.But,I have also been wondering about what to write.!!
Capturing the week so far in toto might not be a bad idea.
Work's been very good,but otherwise,lotsa events that found me studying and analysing them,happened!
To start off,India's dismal loss at Bangalore.When the tour's itnerary was relesed,I was startled at Chennai not hosting a match,and was taken aback when Bangalore was awarded the third match of the series.Usually,Bnagalore hosts the dead rubbers,and India has ended up losing them invariably.This time,it was not a dead rubber-Pak.played as if their wives would slash their throats if they did not win,and the Indians,in particular,our "Dada" and the "li'l master,disappointed.When a man is not able to read the spin off the pitch,is being foxed by googlies to often,and has been everything else but run out in the last few games,there is something wrong with his damn technique."Dada"-You have never had proper technique,and maybe,it's time to go,because all teams have figured ways to get you out,and you don't stand a chance when pitted against Kaif or Yuvraj Singh.
Our li'l man Sachin has not been the player he usually is,and it seems he is playing for the 35 th hundred that could fetch him another Ferrari from some crazy,filthy-rich Ferrari boss.
On the whole,the series was OK;it did not throw up the magic of the days when we were young,and could watch those lovely wrists of Azhar,the reverse swing of Akram,the agility of Jonty,and the gutsy displays of Fairbrother.That was cricket at its best.Precisely,it peaked in 1992,and its been tapering since then.Right now,matches are not the same.Everyone has had enough of cricket.There must be a change,somewhere.
Of course,after that,the euthanasia case-Terri Schiavo-it was a sad end to a person's life,and the fact that it attracted so much media attention is quite disturbing.While I might be sitting in India and writing all this,the events are happening all over the globe!.There was another tsunami scare,the Pope is critical,and certain other disturbing events have been rocking the world.
Maybe,I just got the "message" for this post.We humans are trying to control nature.It is spewing out its anger..So many deaths..these earthquakes and natural disasters are just signs,which we must comprehend.

PS-Lotsa people have been wanting me to write poetically,in a more flowery way!When queried further,these people showed me other blogs where there funky lines,sentences that were wound around many themes,et. al!While I have read many blogs,I can clearly see that the Barron's Wordlist has been put too much into use by many!!Fellows,speak out the way you normally do!!You arent here to teach people English,are you??If yes,please emntion that on your blogs.That could probably mean you're being honest and modest,in a certain way!!